Message from the President

Sir Hartman Longley, Kt
Sir Michael Barnett, Kt. President

The 21st century continues to usher in revolutionary changes for the world and the judiciary. With respect to technology, the court’s website is a response to the need to quickly and easily provide access to pertinent court information for its users.

Indeed the year 2020 has almost alone proven how vital digitization is for the judiciary. To this end, the Court will continue to improve upon the functionality of its website which will shortly be upgraded to include, among other things, portals for online payment and the retrieval of standard Court forms.

As President, I am excited about the various technological advancements presently experienced by the judiciary. Indeed, I am optimistic about the court embracing even further changes to its processes which undoubtedly would greatly improve the dispensation of justice. Ultimately, it is my hope that you continue to enjoy navigating the Court’s website.

Sir Michael Barnett
Court of Appeal


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