Transcripts - Pending Matters

In an effort to make greater use of technology, the court has made audio and written transcripts of pending matters available to Counsel & Attorneys -at-Law and the general public. Audio transcripts are available in M4A MPEG format and written transcripts may be downloaded in PDF format. Click the link provided to download select transcripts.

Date Title Type
17 Sep, 2020 Malik Wright Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
10 Sep, 2020 Kenneth Knowles Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions Document
08 Sep, 2020 Rodriguez Jean Pierre Vs. Regina Document
07 Sep, 2020 Emmanuel Rolle Vs. Director of Public Prosecution Document
01 Sep, 2020 Attorney General Vs. Shawn Knowles AND Shawn Dion Knowles Vs. Regina Document
01 Sep, 2020 Elvardo Farrington Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
01 Sep, 2020 Wahoo Resort Foundation And Scott E Findeisen and Brandon S. Findeisen Document, Document
26 Aug, 2020 Colin Wright, Bernard Evans, Shawn Bowe & Ray Nairn And Bahamas Communications and Public Officer Document
20 Aug, 2020 Donna Vasyli Vs. Regina Document
30 Jul, 2020 Attorney General And Jonathan Reid et al Document
30 Jul, 2020 Ramon Carvon Young Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions Document
29 Jul, 2020 Giovanni Clarke Vs. Attorney General Document
29 Jul, 2020 James Fleck And Pittstown Point Landings Ltd. Document
28 Jul, 2020 Peter John Nygard And Frederick Smith , QC Document
21 Jul, 2020 Attorney General Vs. Kevin Andrews Document
20 Jul, 2020 Deshawn Brooks Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions Document
08 Jul, 2020 Alexander Sweeting Vs Regina Document
07 Jul, 2020 Devon Theo King Vs. Regina Document
06 Jul, 2020 Indrick Tilme Vs. Regina Document
02 Jul, 2020 The Queen Vs. Everton Wright et al Document


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