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File Number Judgment Date
113 of 2014 Samuel Humes Vs. Commissioner of Police 02/05/2016
83 of 2015 Alpin Russell Jr. Vs. Regina 02/05/2016
260 of 2015 Fabizio A. Tuletta And Natasha Tuletta 02/05/2016
8 of 2016 Garth Hall Vs. Regina 29/04/2016
82 of 2014 Leroy Alfred Sands Vs. Commissioner of Police 29/04/2016
25 of 2015 First General Insurance Company Ltd. And Dawn Pratt et al 28/04/2016
182 of 2015 Rhyan Lamont Pinder Vs. Regina 28/04/2016
334 of 2014 Maxo Lovama Charlot Vs. Commissioner of Police 27/04/2016
331 of 2014 Fredrick Major And Michael Flowers et al 27/04/2016
67 of 2015 David Stuart Vs. Regina 26/04/2016
12 of 2013 and 13 of 2013 Arawak Homes Limited Vs. Theresa Sands et al and Gary DS'ecas and Mavis Knowles DS' Ecas And Arawak Homes Ltd. 25/04/2016
175 of 2014 Bannerman Town, Millers and John Millars et al And Eleuthera Properties Ltd. 21/04/2016
175 of 2014 Bannerman Town, Miller and John Millars Eleuthera Association And Eleuthera Association Ltd. 20/04/2016
5 of 2015 Jean Paul Michelsen Vs. Regina 20/04/2016
32 of 2016 and 33 of 2016 Krste Pavlovski Vs. Commissioner of Police AND Andrew G. Smith Vs. Commissioner of Police 18/04/2016
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