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File Number Judgment Date
189 of 2015 Amos Francois Vs. Regina 13/11/2015
47 of 2012 Michael Turnquest and Carla Turnquest And JDL Development Company Ltd. 12/11/2015
89 of 2013 William Forbes Vs. Regina 10/11/2015
78 of 2012 Johnann D. Swart et al And Apollo Metaxides et al 09/11/2015
40 of 2015 Derron R. Wallace And Commissioner of Police 05/11/2015
78of 2013 Sonia Serrette Vs. Commissioner of Police 04/11/2015
134 of 2015 Commissioner of Police Vs. Brian Botham 03/11/2015
116 of 2014 Modesta Colebrooke Vs. Commissioner of Police 03/11/2015
286 of 2014 Peace Holdings Ltd. And Ian Sloan Rutherford 27/10/2015
1 and 2 of 2015 The Contempt of Maurice Glinton, Q.C. of the Face of the Court on 28th Sept. 2015 and 9th of October, 2015 26/10/2015
236 of 2014 Jathone Cox Vs. Regina 23/10/2015
175 of 2015 North Shore Mainland Services Inc. et al And China Export-Import Bank 22/10/2015
242 of 2014 W.A. Branville McCartnery et al And Perry Forbes 21/10/2015
93 of 2015 Timothy M. Moore And Bahamas Electricity Corp. 20/10/2015
257 of 2014 Khiry Daxon Vs. Commissioner of Police 15/10/2015
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