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File Number Judgment Date
95 of 2018 Luders Augustin Vs. Commissioner of Police 26/09/2019
103 of 2017 Jarvis Fernander Vs. Regina 26/09/2019
71 of 2019 Gothileb Patrick Vs. Commissioner of Police 23/09/2019
59 of 2018 Samuel Augustus Williams Vs. Commissioner of Police 23/09/2019
54 of 2019 Vance Tynes Vs. Attorney General 23/09/2019
234 of 2018 Turtle Creek Investments Limited And Daybreak Holdings Limited 19/09/2019
14 of 2015 Micheal A. Dean And Keziah Development Ltd. et al 19/09/2019
131 of 2018 Speciality Management Group Limited And Graeme Moran 18/09/2019
138 of 2019 Ducamel Simeus Vs. Commissioner of Police 17/09/2019
47 of 2019 Arlington King And Audrey King (nee Green) 17/09/2019
95 of 2019 Sean Bruey aka Shawn Saunders Vs. Attorney General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas 17/09/2019
173 of 2018 Christopher Stuart And Felton Stuart 16/09/2019
243 of 2018 JAMES BROWN And ISLAND INDUSTRIES (Bahamas) Ltd. 12/09/2019
246 of 2018 Courtney Roberts Vs. Commissioner of Police 12/09/2019
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