Case #: 259 of 2017

Manslaughter – Self defence – Application by Crown for witness statements to be admitted under section 66 of the Evidence Act – Judge not satisfied all reasonable steps taken to locate witness – Crown gives further evidence of efforts to locate witness – Witness statement admitted following evidence of further efforts to locate witness - Witness whose statement was admitted under section 66 of the Evidence Act subsequently located – Section 66 does not apply to a witness that was properly served but does not appear – Whether a jury that does not agree on a verdict of murder can be sent away to deliberate on a verdict of manslaughter - Section 66 of the Evidence Act

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Written / Supreme Criminal / Manslaughter Matter
by Justice(s) Hon. Sir Michael Barnett, P., Hon. Mr. Justice Isaacs, JA and Hon. Mr. Justice Evans, JA
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