Case #: 80 of 2018
Blue Planet Group Ltd. And William Downie

– Pre-trial relief – Mareva Injunction – Freezing Injunction – Ex parte application– Duty of Applicant to disclose material facts – Application to discharge injunction – Principles to be applied in determining whether there has been material non-disclosure – Discharge of ninjunction following an inter partes hearing – Whether judge erred in not continuing the injunction or refusing to make a new order on different terms – Costs Appeal – Request in court below for issue of costs to be reserved for hearing at conclusion of substantive hearing – Whether judge erred in awarding costs to the respondent without giving appellant the opportunity to make full representations on the issue of costs – Denial of Natural Justice

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Written / Supreme Civil Matter
by Justice(s) Hon. Sir Longley, P., Hon. Madam Crane-Scott, JA and Hon. Mr. Justice Evans, JA.
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