Case #: (1) 12 of 1994 (2) 32A of 1994 (3) 32A of 1994 (2) 10 of 1985 (5) 37 of 1994 (6) 20 of 1995 (7) 36 of 1995 (8) 1 of 1989 (9) 25 of 1996 (10) 26 of 1996 (12) 27 of 1996 (13) 40 of 1996 (14) 6 of 1989 (15) 33 of 1989 (16) 17 of 1992 (17) 22 of 1994
(1) Workers Bank Limited and Obie Ferguson (2)Stephen Dwight Stubbs and Attorney General of The Bahamas (3) Dominion Life Assurance Co. and Marietta Thompson(4) Ortland Bodie & Building Heritage Limited and Roman Catholic Perfect Apostolic of the Bahamas(Dr. Ortland H. Bodie Sr. and Pro Se) (5)Guy George Helmut Toothe and Frankie Russell et. al (E.P. Toothe & Associates and Neville Adderley & Co.)(6) Viola Albury And Barry Gilbert and Bank of The Bahamas Ltd.(Dennis Gomez & Co. And Graham Thompson & Co.)(7) The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Frederick George Murray (Attorney General?s Office and Christie, Davis & Co.)(8) The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Hon. Darrell Earlin Rolle (Attorney General?s Office and Evans & Co.) (8) The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Edward Williams(Attorney General?s Office and Gibson and Company) (9)Lee Armbrister and The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas(Elliot Lockhart & Co. and Attorney General?s Office) (10)Century Properties Ltd. and Bomar Investments Ltd. & Land Securities Ltd & Harry Morris Bolling Davies(Cedric L. Parker and Graham, Thompson) (11) Felix Sawyer and Richard Dragone & Ted Smith(Adderley, Grimes & Co. and McKinney, Bancroft & Co.)(12) Xanadu Limited and Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union (Harry B. Sands & Co. and James R. Thompson & Co. Chambers) (13) Cole Pharmacies Limited and Delton Bain (Dupuch & Turnquest & Co. and Johnson, Hassan & Co.)(14) Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation and Kirk Thompson, E. Charles Moss Gas Company Ltd. & Marcian(McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes and Dupuch & Turnquest)(15) Sun International Bahamas Ltd. and Dr. Theodore Allen (Harry B. Sands & Company and McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes)(16) Livingston Thomas Jolly and Lillian Veronica Jolly (James M. Thompson Chambers & Pro Se)(17)Blanche Naomi Albury et al and Sidney Albury(McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes and Higgs & Johnson) (18)Flamingo Arms Limited & Benjamin Franklyn Sands and Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada(Godfrey W. Pinder & Co. and McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes)(19) In The Matter Of The Quieting Title Act 1959 and In The Matter Of The Petition of Leonard Roker (Deal & Gomez, Elliot Lockhart & Co. and James. M. Thompson & Co.)(20) Carolyn Caley and Richard Henry Caley(Andrew Thompson & Co. and Graham, Thompson & Co.)(21)Walter Vernon Skees and The Attorney General(Isaacs, Johnson & Co. and Attorney General?s Office) (22)Perry Smith and Harris Smith and Lorne P. Smith(Michael W. Horton & Alphin Russell and Graham Thompson & Co., Hope Strachan & Co.Cedric Parker & Co., McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes and Malcolm Adderley & Co.)(23)Attorney General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Roger R. Phillips (Attorney General?s Office and Callenders & Co.) (24)Island Cement Co. Ltd., East Bay Department Store Ltd. & Norman Dep Water Dock Ltd. and The Attorney General (Christie, Ingraham & Co. and Attorney General?s Office)

Pending before Privy Council?: No

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Oral Matter
by Justice(s) Hon. Mr. Justice M.A. Churaman, J.A., Hon. Mr. Justice Ganpatsingh, J.A., Hon. Mr. Justice Osadebay
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