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File Number Judgment Date
158 of 2017 Super Value Food Stores Ltd. And Vaccaro Adderley 19/09/2018
250 of 2015 Dwayne Kelly Vs. Regina 19/09/2018
195 of 2017 Judson Mackey and Tristain Deveaux Vs. Regina 18/09/2018
144 of 2015 Franklyn Edgecombe Vs. Regina 17/09/2018
36 of 2017 Raph Jan Ward Vs. Attorney General 17/09/2018
13 of 2017 Island Hotel Company Ltd. And Cheryl Carey-Brown 17/09/2018
32 of 2018 Edmund Johnson Vs. Statoil South Riding Point LLC 13/09/2018
168 of 2015 Deangelo Antonio Vs. Regina 12/09/2018
113 of 2016 Commissioner of Police Vs.Tai Pinder 12/09/2018
283 of 2016 Geoffrey Wray Vs. Commissioner of Police 12/09/2018
139 of 2016 Commissioner of Police Vs. Linty Stuart 11/09/2018
51 of 2016 Ormond Leon Vs. Regina 10/09/2018
153 of 2011 Craig Fenner And Darnell Industries Ltd. 06/09/2018
298 of 2016 Etienne Bowleg II Vs. Regina 06/09/2018
105 of 2017 Kim McDeigan And Bahamas Co-operative League Insurance Brokerage Ltd. 05/09/2018


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