Court Dates

Below is a list of all upcoming calendar entries that have not yet ended. To view the details on any particular event, please click the title to view more details.

Title Date
Ozel Miller Et Al. And Viola Miller Et Al. 17 Oct, 2017
Leo International Holdings Ltd Et Al. And North Andros Assests Limited Et Al. 17 Oct, 2017
Bruno Rufa And The Queen 17 Oct, 2017
Taria Curry And The Commissioner Of Police 18 Oct, 2017
Garvin Pratt And Regina 18 Oct, 2017
Christopher Butler Vs Regina 18 Oct, 2017
Mario Sawall and regina 19 Oct, 2017
Tamecko Collie And Antoise Collie 19 Oct, 2017
Helen Thompson and scotiabank (bahamas) Ltd. 23 Oct, 2017
The Law Firm Of Sharon Wilson & Co And Trevor Cleare Et Al. 23 Oct, 2017
Donna Cleare And Glen C. Higgs 23 Oct, 2017
The Bahamas Industrial Manufacturing & Allied Workers Union And Morton Bahamas Limited 23 Oct, 2017
Christopher V. Stuart And Elva Minnis Et Al. 24 Oct, 2017
Shawn Culmer And Regina 24 Oct, 2017
Valentino Bethel And Regina 24 Oct, 2017
Edouard Edmond Vs The Comissioner Of Police 25 Oct, 2017
Serrano Adderleyand Regina 25 Oct, 2017
Javaro Davis And Regina 25 Oct, 2017
Craig Leo Johnson Vs. Attorney General 26 Oct, 2017
Latoya Denise Williams Vs. Commissioner Of Police 26 Oct, 2017
Desmond Woodside And The Cmmissioner Of Police 26 Oct, 2017
Jarol Investment Ltd. And Ian Rolle Et Al. 26 Oct, 2017
The Queen vs Craig Johnson, Anton Bastian, Marcellus Williams 26 Oct, 2017
Anton Bastian vs The Attoney General 26 Oct, 2017
Kevaughn Bethel Vs Regina 30 Oct, 2017
Rolin Alexis And Regina 30 Oct, 2017
Shavon Bethel And Regina 30 Oct, 2017
Alden Scott Vs Regina 30 Oct, 2017
Lavardo Rahming Vs Regina 31 Oct, 2017
Regina vs Terrance Williams, Maeiska Williams 31 Oct, 2017
Roscoe Thompson And Regina 31 Oct, 2017


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