Court Dates

Below is a list of all upcoming calendar entries that have not yet ended. To view the details on any particular event, please click the title to view more details.

Title Date
Joseph B. Elkind And The Private Trust Corporation Ltd. Et Al. 24 Apr, 2017
Aqua Tours Limited And Soldier Crab Limited 24 Apr, 2017
Commerical Properties Inc. And The Treasurer Of The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas 24 Apr, 2017
Sandyport Homeowners Assocs. Ltd. And R. Nathanial Bain 25 Apr, 2017
Jeffery Mckinney Vs The Commisioner Of Police 25 Apr, 2017
Whitmore Pratt Vs. Commissioner Of Police 26 Apr, 2017
Leslie Elliot Vs The Commisioner Of Police 26 Apr, 2017
Lucayan Towers South Condominium Association Et Al. And Douglas Prudden Et Al. 26 Apr, 2017
The Airport Authority Vs. Western Air Limited 27 Apr, 2017
The Hon Shane Gibson Et Al. And Ex Parte Tereve College Limited 27 Apr, 2017
Harrison Walkins Vs. Regina 27 Apr, 2017
Javaro Davis Vs. Regina 27 Apr, 2017
The Commissioner Of Police Vs. D’nika Mackey 27 Apr, 2017
The Commissioner Of Police And Kenrick Smith, Kevin Doreus, Kenlexis Mackey, Dion Campbell, Kensell Burrows & Neil Ferguson 01 May, 2017
Scotiabank (bahamas) Limited and Tiffany Mortimer 01 May, 2017
Marla J. Cramin And Bahamas Divers Company Limited Et. Al 01 May, 2017
Tito Davis And The Commissioner Of Police 02 May, 2017
Piao Lianji And B.e Holdings 02 May, 2017
Floyd Hamilton Sawyer And Flora Papas Sawyer 02 May, 2017
Societe Generale Private Banking And Clarice Bethel 03 May, 2017
Garvin Munroe And The Commissioner Of Police 03 May, 2017
Societe Generale Private Banking (bahamas) Ltd. And Eulease Munroe 03 May, 2017
Bruno Rufa And The Queen 04 May, 2017
Leonard Barnette And The Commissioner Of Police 04 May, 2017
Sthephen Greene And Regina 08 May, 2017
Livingston Miller And Regina 08 May, 2017
Kostadin P. Karchev And Regina 08 May, 2017
Bahamasair Holdings Limited And Omar Ferguson 09 May, 2017
Tamecko Collie And Antoise Collie 09 May, 2017
Rolin Alexis and The Attorney General 09 May, 2017
Garvin Pratt And Regina 09 May, 2017
The Hon. Fredrick A. Mitchell and widyline Melidor 11 May, 2017
The Commissioner Of Police And Kenroy Woolery Jr. 11 May, 2017
James William Murray Gutrie And Irene Elizabeth Guthrie 11 May, 2017
Helen Thompson And Scotibank (bahamas) Ltd. 11 May, 2017
Johannes Babak And First Carribbean International Bank (bahamas) Limited 15 May, 2017
Charles W. Virgill And Robert Leslie Smith 15 May, 2017
Paul Whylly And The Attorney General 15 May, 2017
The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald Mp And Coalition To Protect Clifton Bay 16 May, 2017
Pace Holdings Limited And Rodger Gardnier Et. Al 22 May, 2017
Kevin Nigel Andrew And Scotiabank (bahamas) Limited 22 May, 2017
Clarence Smith and the Attorney General 22 May, 2017
Dr. Jacuqueline Penn-knowles And Dr. Pamela T. Carroll 23 May, 2017
Jerome Forbes And Scotiabank (bahamas) Limited 23 May, 2017
Wilson Real Estate And Development And Stanley Scavella 23 May, 2017
Lavardo Rahming And Regina 24 May, 2017
Philip Morgan And Sandals Royal Bahamain Resort 24 May, 2017
Commonwealth Union Hotel Services Allied Workers And Hutchinson Lucaya Limited 24 May, 2017
Christopher Butler And The Attorney General 24 May, 2017
Troy Carey And Attorney General 25 May, 2017
Island Hotel Company Limited And Patrice Mckenzie 25 May, 2017
The Attorney General And Donovan Brown 25 May, 2017
Anton Bastian And Regina 29 May, 2017
The Queen and craig Johnson, Anton Bastian Marcellus Williams 29 May, 2017
Craig Leo Johnson And The Attorney General 29 May, 2017
Marcellus Williams And The Queen 29 May, 2017
Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union And Cable Beach Resort Limited 30 May, 2017
Craig A. Gomez And Wanda Gomez 30 May, 2017
Rendardo Glenroy Bethel And The Commissioner Of Police 30 May, 2017
Trevayn Dorsette And The Commissioner Of Police 30 May, 2017
Kenneth O’neil and renee Darlene Lockhart 30 May, 2017
Romeo Lynes And The Attorney General 31 May, 2017
Michael Noel And Regina 31 May, 2017
Edquard Edmond And The Commissioner Of Police 31 May, 2017
Kathleen Cooke And Judith L. Rolle 31 May, 2017


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